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  • Come and see my progress; you definitely inspired me when you helped me get organized and prioritize.

       Thank you! - Fred

  • OMG! It feels like my life has some order now; thank you so much for your help! - Lee 

  • Toni  - Thank you for your expertise in office organization and streamlining structures and processes for major productivity. Watch out Silicon Valley! - MM


  • Treat yourselves to a Toni organization will never regret doing so and you’ll only be asking yourself, "why didn't I find Toni and do this sooner?" - Robert


  • I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Toni. She was professional, results oriented, and extremely well respected. Additionally she is excellent at putting processes in place that drive results. -SD

  • Toni is a consummate professional. Her style is friendly, open, communicative, and effective. She is extremely well organized, innovative, and knowledgeable of what is needed to manage a project. –PH

  • I had the privilege of working with Toni. She is a smart, committed professional with a passion for results. She has excellent communications skills and consistently delivers high-quality results. – JL


  • Toni's process and organizational skills, work ethic, and focus on "continuous improvement" enable her to excel in the projects she accepts. She has broad experience including marketing communications; processes, project, systems, and finance management. She would be a positive addition to any project. -RS

  • Toni is the consummate professional. Her extensive background in marketing and communications, and her ability to work collaboratively make her extremely productive. Toni brings exactly the right set of skills and experience needed: an ability to think strategically; create effective processes; seasoned and well-grounded organization and creativity. I recommend Toni without reservation and would hire her again given the opportunity to do so. -Bob

  •  You do so much and I cannot say THANK YOU enough for how you help me out, and help me keep my sanity! 

        - Conrad 

  •  I can't say thank you enough for all you do, and your thoughtfulness. Toni, you are a very special person, and with your help, I aspire to find balance in my life the way you have. - LD 

  •  You are amazing! My personal To-Do List was out of control. You set up a system that I can maintain; if it is not easy, I won’t do it. In a few days, I have already felt the stress roll off my shoulders. I can’t wait to see what you do next. - Joe L 

  •  Toni has been ‘dressing me’ for years. She is excellent at helping me to learn the best styles for me and putting together outfits that I would not have considered on my own. If you need a great wardrobe consultant and personal shopper, Toni is your gal! - Deb; Marin County, CA 

  •  Thanks for organizing our parents 80th birthday party. Everything went perfectly. They loved the surprise location idea and the place itself. You helped make their special day even more special. - Chrissy 

  •  Toni, You are the best. I am absolutely thrilled with the work you have done…feel lighter and more grounded. Priceless. - Meta Mehling & Associates 

  •  In addition to Toni’s amazing organizational solutions and creativity, she has a special understanding of the emotional landscape one can go through when cleaning out personal items. Toni has a gift of getting to the heart of what is important and bringing her heart to the process. Creating physical and/or emotional order in one’s world can be a challenge. Toni has the unique talents and interpersonal skills to find the order in chaos. I’ve seen her in action, I know. - Barbara W 

  •  At a time when I had personal loans on top of my regular financial responsibilities, Toni helped me to realize the personal ones were as important, if not more than paying an impersonal company; there were relationships at stake. We created a monthly budget including line items for my personal loans. This really freed me up and eliminated the guilt I was feeling. Toni brings a special set of skills and passion to whatever she takes on. - MW 

  •  The workshop you put together was fantastic. Just the right mix of atmosphere, flow, food & beverages, and the little touches you included. Your attention to detail made it so special for everyone. You freed me up to focus on what I had to do to make the event successful. I will definitely call you to help with our next one! - Jean , LS

  •  Your help on my wardrobe…was more than help, it was like strategic consulting from the highest fashion queen, it was super. I wore one of my “new” outfits you created on Friday and it was a hit. Thank you so much. - ME

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